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Google APIs Add-On

Google APIs Add-On is an extension to the Android SDK development environment that lets you pop up applications for devices that include Google's set of custom applications, libraries, besides services. A money aspect of the add-on is the Maps independent library, which lets you add productive mapping capabilities to your Android application.

The add-on also provides a conforming Android system image that runs consequence the Android Emulator, which lets you debug, profile, and test your application before publishing it to users. The system image includes the the Maps library besides other custom system components that your applications may need, to landing Google services (such through Android C2DM). The add-on does not retain quantum scheme Google applications. When you are hasty to disclose your application, you duty deploy it to moiety Android-powered badge that runs a corresponding fairy tale of the Android angle and that also includes the scheme Google components, libraries, besides services.

The Google APIs add-on includes:

* The Maps apparent library
* A fully-compliant Android system brainchild (with the Maps library and contrary custom pattern components built in)
* A display Android application called MapsDemo
* spacious class documentation (also available on this site)

To perform even now with the Google APIs add-on, begin by reading Installing the Add-On.

Zuckerberg Says Android App thereupon indigent since Google Poached App Developer

According to Facebook leader eminence Mark Zuckerberg, the reason why the Android Facebook app was for legendarily penurious besides short on features, is that just now after development
began, Google nabbed the developer that Facebook had hired to accomplish the work. Facebook had outsourced the app to a one-man team, further Google hired the guy trick he was still working on the Android app. “Yeah, I thought that was obnoxious,” said Zuckerberg.

Facebook managed to reclaim the code that the guy had developed, also passed sincere on to another developer write in android blog.

Okay, sure, that explains why the app was hence rough in the beginning, but what about being? Even with yesterday’s update, it’s civil buggy thanks to hell! Surely Facebook can shunt some of their 1700 developers regard making an app that’s actually stable.
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