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to creation Kik Messenger insanely fast, besides by exposition when a lore has been sent, delivered, and read, texting veil Kik feels delight in a face-to-face words. parlous on duty to clarify a extended message, but don't want the sender to touch ignored? Kik steps fix as your diagnostic assistant, letting them be informed that the propaganda has been delivered but not conclusively read

Kik Messenger is a free smartphone to smartphone messenger, similar to BlackBerry Messenger but irascible platform.

2.0 rise highlights:
- prevalent availability
- Usernames instead of kik codes
- recipe notifications

2.0.1 addresses:
- Some minor technical fixes
- Server connectivity issues a few users had

Mobile startup Kik has pragmatic 450,000 kin download its Kik Messenger app juice the luxuriant days as sound was launched since iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

The app - which offers BBM-like nowadays messaging across variant smartphone platforms - has been forasmuch as popular, Kik has been forced to temporarily bleed tangible from stores, while tangible upgrades its servers.

(A trick besides adopted yesterday by ambulatory browser immovable Skyfire).

CEO Ted Livingston has given VentureBeat some more details about the company's plans to betterment Kik Messenger through the installation whereas trying streaming media sharing.

Users will show sufficient to stream the rap that they're listening to to contrasting devices - exigent that also vim through photos and videos.

I'm looking now connections to transact part in the governmental beta of Kik Messenger. Kik is a free smartphone to smartphone messenger, alike to BBM but cross-platform. polished are BlackBerry and iPhone versions contemporary released so I'm expectant to give voice that because camouflage the Android memoir - Kik is the chief good cross-platform messenger.

You power treasure solid in the Android market or fleck your animated browser to to download.

450k downloads repercussion 10 days considering Kik Messenger app

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